About Me

I am a Psychotherapist with over 25years experience. I started as a volunteer, in the field of addiction, and apprenticed as an Addiction Counsellor working in residential centre's, with both individuals and families.

Sue FoxI trained at The Institute of Psychosynthesis, graduating and gaining accreditation in 1994. I completed several postgraduate trainings and continue with ongoing professional development to keep abreast of current thinking, research and practice.

Around seven years ago my attention turned towards the field of relational trauma and neuroscience. Research with brain imaging was demonstrating that mindfulness, yoga, and somatic work were powerful and effective ways to not only cope with trauma responses, but also in developing presence. This concept is now deeply embedded in my practice.

Jung is a constant companion. His deep understanding of how the unconscious (self) manifests, his relationship with mystery and the use of myths and archetypes inform my work.

Roberto Assagioli, who created Psychosynthesis, is the bedrock and ground on which I stand. 

”To enter the home of the Self means to return to that welcoming place which totally accepts our true being” Massimo Rosselli

I am a founder member of the Wellspring group, which promotes the ideas and work of Roberto Assagioli. We organise events for anyone who is interested in psychosynthesis. Our intention is to make psychosynthesis more accessible and known.

My work In the last few years has taken me to integrate the shamanic tool of journeying , working with people who want to integrate plant medicine experiences, and co facilitating ‘Soul Retrieval’ workshops for therapeutic professionals.

I am also part of a group of psychotherapists whose shared interest in step- families inspired them to found an organisation called StepInAsap. We work with individuals and couples to address the challenges and difficulties that may arise in these families.

I was a faculty member of the Institute of Psychosynthesis for 20 years, where I was a trainer and senior supervisor and group worker. I now teach ‘Addiction and the Search for Self’ – a transpersonal perspective of addiction – to counsellors and psychotherapists.

I am also on the board of trustees at The Psychosynthesis Trust.


I have a private practice in North West London and am an accredited psychotherapist with UKCP, registered supervisor with UKCP, a member of CAP, PCU and Institute of Psychosynthesis in Florence.